Hey, Everybody!: Preston Carlisle Tells His Story
by Preston C. Carlisle

"I don't remember taking 18 to 24 minutes for reflection in any of the last 40 years."

Authors sometimes set out to write their memoirs for their grandchildren or for cathartic self-help. Carlisle is no different. He was spurred on to write this book by regular pleading from his grandkids asking, "Grandpa, can you tell us a story?" But, that is where the "sometimes" ends and this unique memoir begins.

Carlisle writes that he had been a somewhat insensitive, self-absorbed man. Rebel, rule-breaker, arrogant, self-serving, but deviously bright, he made his way through his younger years and school, seemingly without much effort. But when he went to law school, he says he finally took something seriously. To Carlisle's credit, he admitted not liking himself much and decided to enrich himself through courses and Outward Bound physical and mental challenges. He made himself vulnerable and grew in ways that most do not, "Most of the people I know at home do not seem to seek growth or change. I have sought both ever since I was aware they could happen." But the book isn't all serious self-reflection. For example, stories of Carlisle's army days and the shenanigans he and his buddies pulled add levity to the memoir.

Carlisle's writing style is conversational, and his book flows like life itself does with current thoughts, recent memories, and stories of amusement from the memory archives. He is articulate and clever, and readers will enjoy getting to know him. His version and the telling of "stop and smell the roses" philosophy is written light-heartedly but should be taken to heart… deeply. What a treasure for all readers but especially for those grandchildren! This book could inspire all grandparents to put their life stories down on paper for their relatives and the rest of the world to read.

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