Hidden Truth
by Naomi Skye
Xlibris AU

"If they were all to lose their power, then magic itself would cease to exist."

In the land of Vestra, society is governed by The Rainbow, seven ruling houses of seven families with ancient ties. Each house controls its own lands and elements and strives to maintain peace between the families and outside citizens. So when Yarra White, a notoriously dangerous criminal, is secretly released from The Halls of Trepidation, Vestra’s worst prison, by a few leaders of The Rainbow, she knows something is up. In the care and custody of Ray Mossman, the young lord of House Green, Yarra is wary of the intentions of her old friend and the reasons The Rainbow pulled her from prison. Tension seems to come from all sides as both a war and a coup are brewing. But Yarra’s existence to the stability and future of The Rainbow is more than it appears to be, and the truth of her power could either be the triumph or the downfall of Vestra.

Aside from minor pacing issues, this novel is an enjoyable read packed with action and surprise. Vestra is a land ruled by magic, family ties, and blood oaths. The author does a great job at providing enough detail to flesh out Vestra and its intricacies, from the history of The Rainbow to the extent of Yarra’s powers. Yarra as a protagonist is engaging. Aside from her varied combat skills and smarts, she has a deep emotional side that readers get access to now and then, humanizing her more than the characters she interacts with. Yarra carries a heavy weight with her, making her a little bit eccentric, but her snappy attitude lightens up the heavier, political tones.

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