His Perfect One
by J.S.Danielle
Trafford Publishing

"Aria stepped inside breathing rapidly at the sexual intensity bombarding her at hearing Devin's words and music."

Aria Monae Cox is a woman with all the confidence, attributes, and assets any man would fawn over, but her own insecurities and demeanor isolate her from the romance she yearns for. Abandoned by her father and cheated on by the only man she'd ever become intimate with, Aria sells herself short and grows jealous of the intense relationship between her best friend Dominique and her lover Ryan. When a visit reveals the unexpected dominant/submissive dynamic to their love and makes Aria a shocked audience to their sexual behaviors, Aria pleads for the same. This leads her to The Mansion, a hidden facility for people in power to exercise their fantasies, as well as into the arms and eyes of Devin Kane, Ryan's best friend and high-ranking Master of The Mansion. Aria and Devin can't keep their hands off of each other, but it turns out that they share a tragic past that centers around Aria's mysterious and dangerous father.

Though there are elements of intrigue and action, the primary focus of this book is romance and erotic encounters. The story is not simply there just to string scenes of intimacy together, however, and unfolds at a steady pace that keeps readers wondering what to expect. The author wields a powerful arsenal of sexual descriptions sure to excite the audience, as well as opening a door to a kind of dynamic that some may not be familiar with. The intertwining of pain and pleasure and the back and forth of shared power between lovers are constant themes that separate this story from its peers. The end result is gripping, well-written, and difficult to put down. The subject matter is explicit and exotic, perfect for readers who want some adventure and excitement to be found on the page.

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