Holiday Skits & Contests
by Cornell Christianson 
Interactive Fun Media USA 

"As I stumble through this life, help me to create more laughter than tears, dispense more cheer than gloom, spread more cheer than despair."

In his latest work, Hollywood writer Christianson brings the joy of entertainment to the schoolchildren of America and elderly residents of its senior centers through this compilation of history and celebration, shedding light on highlights of our favorite holidays, from New Year's Day to the celebration of Kwanzaa in the United States.

Grouped together by month, he covers the most commonly known traditions of Christmas and Hanukkah to a little-known skit he wrote to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Every month celebrates at least one major holiday, marking the event with informative tidbits such as history of the holiday, quotes, insights, songs, quizzes, and skits that can be performed and enjoyed by all age groups.

This book is a wealth of information about 22 national holidays that is enough to entertain the biggest Grinch. There are quizzes each month, including one about famous clowns for Clown week in August and another about dogs for September's National Dog Week. Snappy skits with legends like Mother Nature and Pecos Bill give fractured historical tales and sections within each month offer famous quotes about the holidays.

Christianson has done his research in presenting the holidays, infusing each month with his unique brand of humor that transcends the traditional expectations. This book would be a fabulous resource for teachers and recreation directors; it would also make a great coffee table book. Imagine the conversations that could be launched by the fact that America has been celebrating National Clown Week since a presidential proclamation in 1970!

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