Homey's Adventures
by Jim Wish

"My ex-wife did all our bill paying and saw the Hooters charge on my credit card. You would have thought that I paid for sex with the way she reacted."

Jim loves sex. His wife of many years, who apparently has not even a fraction of his libido, divorces him late in life, ostensibly because she is unsatisfied with the life he is living as a retired person. But in the love-and-desire department, Jim is anything but retired. His goal is to find a loving and lovable wife with whom he can truly enjoy the sensual arts, for he does not believe in carnal gratification without love. He fantasizes about the act, shares those fantasies online, and then meets up with some of the digital recipients. It isn’t always smooth sailing for this robust senior Romeo, but his amorous adventures still lead him to a rewarding climax.

For those who enjoy the genre, it’s an erotic roller coaster they may wish to ride more than once. The narrator prides himself on finding dozens of slightly different ways to describe the act of sexual gratification between a man and a woman, so this is a book that is certainly not for all ages. However, the author is not alone in exploring this explicit category of fiction. Erotica has become more and more mainstream in the book market. But in this case, Wish adds some interesting elements that set it apart, not the least of which is that Jim satisfies his lust countless times (repetitive though it may seem after a while) despite being a relatively common man with flaws. While not designed for everyone, fans of this genre might see this entry as a must-read.

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