by B.J. Taylor
Trafford Publishing

"Suddenly, Honeybun realized she was totally lost. She could not see her home anywhere. What could she do?"

In the vein of a classic tale like Walt Disney's Lady and the Tramp, B.J. Taylor presents Honeybun, a beautiful golden Lhasa Apso, looking for a little adventure. As a tiny pup she joined a family of five which included a Mom, a Dad, and three young boys. Honeybun proved a loyal family addition, without the aggressive tendencies normally attributed to the breed. She'd bark at strangers, but ultimately submit to a pat and a tummy rub. Honeybun gets lonely when her family is away from home. She's often enticed by neighborhood dogs that nose through the fence, or cats that run through the yard.

One day Honeybun gets out of the unlocked yard gate and follows a handsome, black, curly dog through the streets of the neighborhood. Suddenly she realizes she's lost. In this unfamiliar territory she encounters friendly, and not-so-friendly strangers. As night begins to fall, she recognizes familiar calls, and is overjoyed as she reunites with her family. Unbeknownst to them, Honeybun soon begins a nesting ritual with shredded newspaper. Before long the family is greeted by Honeybun's surprise litter of puppies.

This sweet story is both entertaining and educational. Though seemingly a fictional work, Taylor offers true basic facts about the Lhasa Apso breed, and also within the narrative itself makes young readers aware that dogs are curious creatures who can often get into trouble when left to their own devices. Earthy shades of brown, blue, and green dominate Charlotte Jo Hancock's complimentary illustrations, with colorings by Jenny Lyn Young. These natural tones seem suited to the realism of the story, and emphasize the rich honey-hued coat of the central character. Honeybun is a fun romp with underlying tones about the importance of being a responsible pet owner.

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