Hope for the Future
by Ronnie C.
Trafford Publishing

"What concerns us most is the people; they are huge. The smallest must be eight feet tall and five feet broad. They are obviously aggressive."

In the far future, humans are highly evolved. They can shed their human body and become pure energy, travel long distances through space, and they do not have to suffer famine, sickness, or even death. The human society is peaceful, and they are busy exploring their own galaxy, as well as others, and meeting other aliens and creatures for the purpose of learning about them and doing peaceful exploration. On the various worlds, the humans meet inhabitants that are more evolved or less evolved than they are, and they always conduct themselves in peaceful ways to gather information about them. On several occasions, they have to fight wars to defend Earth from other, more aggressive species, but in the end they remain victorious, always intent on spreading the message of peace.

The author's tone is crisp, and he gets his point across quickly. The various aliens that the evolved humans meet are imaginative, and their names sound exotic, which lends the text an authentic feel. There are no chapter divisions and the speakers are identified only much later in the book, which makes it harder for the reader to connect with the characters at the start. This tome might be a good fit for a book of short stories rather than a novel, since most of the situations that the characters experience tend to repeat and there is not a sustained plot and conflict. All in all, this is a good book for lovers of speculative fiction science fiction and for those who are fascinated with space exploration.

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