How the Short Vowel Club Got Started
by Marian Burmeff
Trafford Publishing

"He realized it's not always fun to play by yourself, is it?"

This delightful children's book is about the vowels A, E, I, O, U. All the letters in the alphabet were content with the way they sounded when reciting ABCs. The letter "A" decided that he didn't want to sound like that anymore. He wanted to be called "Ah." He didn't want to play with the other ABCs so went off by himself. He was so excited that he even changed his color to Amazing Avocado.

After a week or two, he was lonely. He didn't have anyone to play with so he went to see one of his friends. "E" was a little unsure about joining this new club, but "A" convinced her to do it. She was soon saying words like egg and elephant. Her new color was Elegant Eggshell. The other vowels joined them and before long, each vowel had a new sound and a new color. They picked a name for their club at the first meeting—the Vowel Club.

The author's story is enhanced by simple, yet colorful, illustrations by Meghan Daly. Vowels with clever facial expressions and distinct colors help children learn to recognize words, letters and colors at the same time. Every noun that serves as an example of the vowel sound has a shape to accompany the word. For example, the word "apple" is written on a drawing of an apple and "elephant" is written on an elephant drawing. The print is also easy to read making this book excellent for teaching young children while they have fun looking at the pictures and colors.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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