"Every situation we encounter in life, be it negative or positive, is meant to prepare us for the next stage and make us great."

Eshun is a self-made entrepreneur with a desire to help other people live their dreams through starting a business. He offers a step-by-step guide on how to turn an idea into a business. People who do not know anything about entrepreneurship will find his book to be an easy guide for beginners.

It starts practical, encouraging people to start small with their business idea. From there, aspiring entrepreneurs need to research the idea, learn about competitors, and ensure their solution solves a real problem. Eshun is realistic, pointing out the need to acquire appropriate skills in the chosen field and to be prepared for challenges. However, this is not meant to decrease confidence. While emphasizing these requirements to be successful, he also writes with encouragement, noting experience prepares us for the road ahead. Readers will appreciate his personal stories of how he reached where he is today. Rather than simply reading theory, they have the opportunity to learn from real-life examples.

The concepts in his book for getting started are practical. However, stating no money is required is misguided. At some point, money is required to back up an idea and, realistically, businesses are unlikely to get off the ground without a financial foundation. Another title for the book might be "How to Start Your Business with Little Money" to indicate that it's still possible to achieve your dreams without a large sum investment, but to prepare people for investing—or finding investors—before it can fully launch. The audience best suited for this book is people who need a very basic introduction to entrepreneurship.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review.

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