"As Grandpa Tata held the lamp high, the gigantic fish’s eyes shone big and bright."

Ever want something badly enough that you’re willing to go the extra mile to get it? Grandpa Tata loves fish. Every night his daughter-in-law serves him fish for dinner, hoping to make him happy, but the fish is never big enough. Frustrated, one night Grandpa Tata decides to show his son (and daughter-in-law) just how big of a fish he wants! Dinesh, his favorite grandson, is fortunate to join his grandpa on his adventure. How Grandpa Tata plans on catching such a ginormous fish is extraordinary: with a piglet and lamp! How exactly does one catch a ginormous fish with a piglet and lamp? Dinesh is about to find out.

Reddy has written a delightful tale for children of all ages, with enough adventure and humor to keep the story entertaining. How Grandpa Tata decides to catch a fish worthy of his dinner is imaginative and reminiscent of folktales. While it is a story about catching a large fish, its essence is about seizing an opportunity and beating insurmountable odds when present circumstances are lacking. Grandpa Tata teaches this to Dinesh by taking him along on his quest. Learning to catch a fish with a piglet seems unimaginable, but Dinesh’s grandpa shows him how to achieve the impossible.

In addition to a charming plot, the book’s artwork is beautiful. The pictures are detailed and perfectly capture the expressions of both Dinesh and his grandpa. Since the pictures are black and white, they serve the dual purpose of both illustrating the text and forming a coloring book, making Dinesh’s story both memorable and interactive. The author’s story will captivate young audiences, making them wish for more of Reddy’s childhood tales.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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