How Green Were My Mountains?
by Leonard Linkow

"My reputation runs the gamut: I have been celebrated, vilified, feted, demeaned, adored, sued, hailed and scorned. Sometimes all in the same week."

In his memoirs, Dr. Leonard Linkow, known as “the father of implantology,” reflects back on a life of great success and personal achievement. As the creator of non-removable, perfectly functioning, and attractive “fabricated” teeth, Dr. Linkow’s implants marked the first time patients could bypass removable bridges and caps. Sprinkled with personal and family photos, Dr. Linkow gives his readers a delightful look into his youthful years growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Before serving his time in the Army Air Corps, his love for baseball landed him a contract with the New York Giants to play for the Springfield, Ohio, minor league team. After the army, Dr. Linkow attended the College of Dentistry at New York University. From there, Dr. Linkow went on to work with some of the most prestigious dentists and oral surgeons in the world, some of whom became life-long friends and partners.

The author has crafted an insightful, well-written memoir. Throughout his career, Dr. Linkow placed his dedication to his trade and to his patients (among whom were well-known actors, opera singers, and talk-show hosts) above all else and, at times, at the expense of his own personal happiness. Dr. Linkow delivers a no-holds-barred account of his well-lived life, including a few failed marriages, an infidelity or two, and even some professional turmoil among his contemporaries. Despite his personal struggles, there can be no doubt that Dr. Linkow is responsible for changing thousands of lives, not only by eliminating mouth pain, but by restoring self-image and perhaps, more importantly, self-confidence.

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