How My Cat Made Me A Better Man

by Jeremy Feig
MSI Press

"In meeting new people, don’t copy the cat. When you meet a new person, it’s frowned upon to climb on their lap and put your butt in their face."

Self-help books abound. Regardless of what one needs help with, it’s a virtual certainty one can find a book promising to provide the help sought. The author of this instruction manual however, takes a rather novel approach to the genre. He observes his cat’s behavior, records lessons learned, and hypothesizes that watching feline conduct and applying it to one’s own life can lead not only to a more honorable state of being, but also to a more satisfying existence. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that he does this with tongue planted resolutely in cheek.

Mr. Feig’s cat, Shelly, provides a wealth of observable data by simply doing what cats do. Her haughty attitude, frequent aloofness, irascible antics, even her toilet habits, produce grist for the author’s mill of suggestions, warnings, and recommendations on how to live a more fulfilling life. Covering such areas as control, fear, relationships, persistence, career, and more, he breaks up his practical prose with teasers, tests, and comparisons. Some of which are Why Cats Make Better Mentors Than Dogs, Shelter Cat Behavior Compared to Women’s Lifestyles, how to apply cat cunning to overcoming human roadblocks, and frequent multiple-choice quizzes to test your comprehension as you read.

Feig’s conversational style is witty and disarming. His self-deprecating humor lends charm and vulnerability to his ideas and opinions on becoming a better individual. Rooted firmly in a young, often single man’s outlook, he nevertheless manages to address aspects of life relevant to people of all ages. If you enjoy humor and love cats—the former being a prerequisite for the latter—chances are you’ll also be attracted to this fun-filled homage to felines.

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