How She Fought: The Full Story
by Melissa L. Bryant
Trafford Publishing

"When you struggle with pain that no one knows about, please pour your heart out to God."

The author has dealt with many kinds of pain in her life and has come through these ordeals with a positive attitude, owing, she believes, to her relationship with God and her personal determination. She endured and overcame the suffering of abuse, assault, and rape, single motherhood with all its implications, raising a child with bipolar disorder, job loss, and the death of a beloved grandmother. She carried negativity within her for many years, sometimes resorting to self-destructive behaviors for comfort. Now, knowing from personal experience that single parents often feel “anger, fear and loneliness,” she gladly raises her five children and urges others to bring up their offspring “like God needs us to.” She pays homage to her grandmother, “a woman of pride and strength.” When the author lost her job, she was in despair but then realized it would give her more time for child-rearing duties. She exhorts readers to “face your feelings,” move personal “mountains” through faith, and give God one’s best, not just “the leftovers.”

Bryant’s book is laden with biblical quotations, some portions containing little else. Her Christian faith is evident on every page. Her self-assessments are honest, and she always looks to religion for answers. Her writing is plain and starkly sincere. She states that she wrote this book mainly for women who are hurt and offers insights for those who have been abused—though she believes that men, too, may benefit from her message. Because her solution to all problems requires a return to God, her book has a devotional quality, incorporating spontaneous prayers. Bryant’s book can offer encouragement for women experiencing tough times and needing reminders, not only to care for themselves and others but also to fight back against the forces of evil as she has done.

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