"When I speak of heart energy, I refer to an energy coming through the heart center from a Higher Source that is always loving and wise."

A heart-felt book about living from the heart, this book begins with an Introduction that defines heart energy and focuses on spiritual growth, six parts that are broken down into 27 chapters, and ending with Working with the Higher Self, which includes higher self exercises. The six parts include: 1) Defining the Heart Center, 2) Relating to Others, 3) The Heart and the Higher Self, 4) Applying Heart Energy, 5) Looking Within, and 6) Deepening the Experience. Chapters focus on defining heart energy and using this energy, functions of the heart, relationships, our Higher Selves and spirituality, lower nature, creativity, work, coping with being out of balance, using the mind, life goals, and truth.

Writing from the spirit and soul, the author creates a well-meaning and well-written book focusing on how we can grow and change into the healing of ourselves, others, and the planet. The book is written in an easy manner and one can easily pick up the book and jump into any chapter, although it flows nicely by being read chapter-by-chapter. Each chapter includes valuable teaching stories and exercises to help to connect to the heart via visual, auditory, feelings, and sensory processing. The strongest chapters include: The Heart's True Functions, Using Heart Energy to Connect With the Higher Self, and It's Okay to Not Always Be Connected to the Heart, although all chapters are pertinent.

A focus on compassion, creativity, and inner wisdom, the book also explores how the mind and heart must work together in order for us to expand into our own Higher Selves as well as the Higher Self of others' and the earth. Utilizing all of the exercises offers wonderful insight into ourselves and others and shouldn't be ignored. There are valuable lessons to be learned for many seeking a higher path as well as a review for others that are already on a heart path.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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