"The best relationship starts with your relationship with you and how you treat yourself."

For many years author Hanieh was lonely and unhappy, longing to find and marry a true, loving partner. Through her own bold initiatives, she finally succeeded. She has created a ten-step plan for others to follow. First, forgive and forget the partners of the past. Stop blaming the other person, acknowledge personal faults, and move on. Look in the mirror daily and say, “I love you,” to gradually understand how to improve the way to care for oneself. Make a list of all the qualities wanted in an ideal partner. Then make a second list, a third, and a fourth, honing it down to the real needs and wants. Conquer self-doubt through meditation, envisioning the best possible scenarios with a fantasy mate. Chances are that having worked through these exercises, one will find a new love very soon, as the author did.

Hanieh, who hosts a Facebook page where her ideas and ideals are expressed, offers practical exercises in her book to help frustrated readers to seek the perfect mate. She makes suggestions for what to do when “bad things happen” in what seem like good relationships, and how to deal with normal stresses that may keep someone from recognizing or pursuing the right partner. She lists and describes six reader resources from other self-help authors, and, perhaps most usefully, has created a calendar with weekly entries of her recommended activities such as “Meditation and Mirror Practice” and “Do Something You Love.” She includes a personal, intriguing account of her meeting with the man who would become her husband, along with such tales from others, illustrating that good things may happen when we least expect them. Those whose dreams of happiness in love are stalled for whatever reason will take inspiration and motivation from her sound, simple advice.

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