How to Prevent Diabetes - I Beat It, and You Can Too!
by Dorris S. Woods, PhD, RN, CS
Tiger Publications

"Just as we plan for a successful job experience or career, we can also plan a successful weight-management lifestyle."

In this book, Dr. Woods shares her own inspirational story. It is not a miracle story about breakthrough techniques and plans, but a real, human, believable story about how willpower can make a genuine difference to health. Alongside her personal account, she provides a summary of the irrefutable evidence linking obesity to diabetes, as well as a detailed explanation of how to understand the numbers and data that doctors use to make a diabetes diagnosis. Finally, she offers simple explanations for the factors that inhibit people from making the right changes to their habits, making the path to good health more visible. Without being condescending, Woods makes a compelling case for a lifestyle change.

There are so many health, weight-loss, and lifestyle management books out there that it can be difficult to know the best advice to follow. This book removes some of that anxiety by providing clear, practical, easy-to-follow advice backed up by well-documented evidence. The author's work is well-written, coherent, and engaging, which is a rare combination for a lifestyle book. Although some of the medical information is complex, Woods presents it through a mixture of easy-to-understand visuals and clear explanations, making it easy to understand a diagnosis or blood test result sheet for oneself. What is even more effective is the way the book offers advice and insights through the medium of storytelling, helping to make the facts about diabetes and obesity feel real, and the advice seem achievable. For anyone determined to be proactive about the risk of diabetes, this book is a must-read.

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