HumEM: The Life Charter Series Book 1
by Dean Evans

"The injustice of entropy must be harmonized. A HumEM's life, the just resonance, depended on it."

Centuries into the future, humankind has learned a truth about the universe that creates a world with no death or suffering. All life in the solar system has ascended into new forms of EMLife, resistant to entropy through a combination of resonance and harmony. Under the guiding principles of this truth, known as The Life Charter or TLC, these new HumEMs, with seven different genders each specializing in different kinds of harmony are on the brink of a major breakthrough—one that will allow HumEMity to eliminate entropy far beyond the solar system. When the mission ends in an unexpected catastrophe that has not been experienced in 400 years, this life of transcendent paradise is put at risk, and the clock begins to tick on a now imminent threat from another galaxy.

This book is reminiscent of classic science fiction. It takes the discoveries of the generation and elevates them to a high-concept form that seems so improbable in the present but also manages to ring true on some level. Readers may stumble at first on the use of unique nouns and pronouns, but like any good piece of science fiction, a considerable amount of world building is required to really highlight the differences between the worlds on and off the page. The author shines a light on the particles of the cosmos that we so often take for granted and frames it all in a story that makes the information much easier to digest than a textbook or blackboard theory. Sci-fi lovers and readers who believe there's more to our universe than we understand will appreciate this book.

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