by Melanie W.McComb
Trafford Publishing

"He felt the muscles in his long back legs become tense. Hyla knew he only had one chance."

As winter turns to spring and brings warmer temperatures with it, Hyla (full name Hyla cinerea), an eastern green tree frog, is ready to come out from hibernation and enjoy the sunshine. His exploration is short-lived, as he is quickly discovered by a young boy on his tricycle. The boy's mother convinces her son to let Hyla enjoy nature independently, but the two make fast friends and learn to trust each other quickly. Hyla begins riding on the tricycle's handlebars as the boy rides around the area, exploring the countryside. One day, the unlikely pair of boy and frog come across a cottage with a birdbath that looks like paradise for Hyla, but will Hyla be able to say goodbye to the boy and settle in a perfect spot for the summertime?

Combining a touching story of treating wild animals responsibly with full-page, colorful illustrations, this is a great book to share with children who are desperately pleading for a pet. There is enough text to make for a significant story time without the need to bring out the bookmark and resume some other day. The subject matter, language, and pictures make it great for youngsters who have some experience reading already that want to read along. At the same time, the pictures are so large and active that it's great for those being read to. For parents and children that love the outdoors, nature, and animals, this is a simple story with a valuable lesson and is great for sharing and discussing afterwards.

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