I Am the Product of Rape: A Memoir
by Catherine Wyatt-Morley and Jalyon Welsh-Cole
Four Pillars Media Group

"My very existence had become a lightning-rod reminder of rape. With the reemergence of pain my existence caused, she could no longer face the reality of her past. I am her reality."

Filled with family secrets, lies, and shame, Wyatt-Morley and Welsh-Cole share the heartbreaking and tragic story of their lives and how the acts of one person can affect a family for generations. We are told this story from the perspective of Catherine Wyatt-Morley, the daughter of Angela, a rape victim. Although the author did not meet her biological mother and learn her truth until much later in her life, she shares her impactful truth through this memoir. Readers are also introduced to Jalyon Welsh-Cole, the daughter of Wyatt-Morley, who illuminates how these acts of rape and sexual assault affected her generations later.

When Tawana Jo moved to Flint, Michigan, in 1951 with her two daughters, Angela and Violet, she never imagined she would meet a man like Broderick—a man with a steady job to support her family, who was involved in church, and known to be a “smooth-talker.” The couple started having more children, and Angela, being the oldest of the family, quickly took on the responsibility of taking care of her younger siblings. However, having a child at the age of 12 by her stepfather, putting this child up for adoption, and keeping a secret from the world was not part of her plan.

Wyatt-Morley candidly describes her struggles after being put up for adoption as a product of rape, the secrets behind her birth, and her journey to discover the truth. Wyatt-Morley and Welsh-Cole shine a light on the products of rape and how these acts take effect on generations to come. Their personal story is moving and inspires other readers to speak out and tell their stories. Both women have created a powerful and influential memoir that will stick with readers and cause many to form an emotional connection with their story.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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