I Love My Angel
by Walter C. Cox
Trafford Publishing

"After the church was liberated, the Cox platoon went through each house, cleaning out the Germans."

This autobiography, narrated in the third person, follows the life of Walter Clay Cox, Jr. from his childhood in a small Kentucky town to the trials and successes that would follow. Covering the early jobs he used to work to pay for things as a teenager to being shipped out from college to the western front of Europe in World War II, the tale told is one of a varied life. Upon returning, Cox starts a family and his dream career in law before being sent off to Korea in the next historical conflict. With ups and downs but always with a keen presence of mind and the love of family, Cox follows his career to the present day where it grows and changes much like his golf game and the composition of his close-knit family.

The choice of a third-person narration for this autobiography makes for an interesting perspective like that of an omniscient narrator. We as readers get all of the insights for how the author internalized the various events of his life both good and bad, but have it read to us in a sense like it happened to somebody else entirely. The way the writer's life ties into so many well-known events of American history and also is filled with unique characters that many of us can relate to makes the title easy to read and enjoyable throughout. Anyone that likes a good story of hard work and determination resulting in the dividends it so rightly deserves will like to read all about the life and times of the author.

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