I Made It Through The Rain
by Danielle
Trafford Publishing

"I wanted to get my story out, show people that you can't always believe what you hear. I need to be able to clear my name, even after all these years."

Danielle (no surname given) tells a short but disturbing, emotional story of a dysfunctional family situation and the distress and heartache that arises when some relatives turn against others. This happened to her when she was accused by a cousin, Tiffany, of abusing the woman's toddler daughter, Sonya; in fact, Danielle and other family members believed there was reason to suspect that the abuser was Tiffany's boyfriend. The author paints a picture of her once happy relationship with Tiffany, remarking sadly, "I never thought a family I trusted, could betray you in such a way." Because of the false accusations, Danielle spent time in jail and faced a trial until the charges were suddenly dropped. Subsequently, Tiffany and Sonya stayed with the abusing man. Even now, seven years later, the author cannot bear to have contact with Tiffany or anyone associated with her. Danielle suffered from false rumors and social rejection, as well as from trauma from her confusing, frightening days in jail. Though her life has now improved, she finds forgiveness hard to muster. She wrote this treatise to try to find closure.

Since I Made It Through the Rain is very short (i.e. twenty pages), mostly written for those directly involved in the events, and composed in lengthy rambling paragraphs by someone all but anonymous who writes in a very casual style, it is challenging to judge it by ordinary standards. It must be viewed simply for what it is: a passionate personal attempt to clarify an extremely painful episode in the lives of all concerned.

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