I Am A Fox: Let Me Tell You About Myself
by Olga Majola
Trafford Publishing

"When I am a month old, I begin to be very curious about the world outside the den."

A first-person narrative adds a unique twist to this book, explaining to children the features and major life events of a fox from birth. Everything from family events to hunting and playing habits are covered, with simple explanations as to the reasons behind the animal's behaviors. Physical attributes are covered as well, describing interesting features of the fox's coat, teeth, and speech, and the specific reasons for their design. The earlier pages focus on childhood and family, including details about the parents and how related foxes can be very different, while later pages talk more about hunting, survival, and natural predators. Covering physical anatomy, social behavior, and dietary preferences, readers will gain a much stronger appreciation for this entire species.

Following a similar formula as the author's previous book, this title engages readers by speaking directly to them. By using children as subject matter consultants, the language and the ideas are not overly complicated and can help children learn more about the fox. Each page is accompanied with a large, colorful illustration as well, that will engage younger readers while helping them work on both their nature and language studies. By following a chronological sequence of events and details of a fox's lifestyle, the concepts have a very logical progression and are easier to retain after the book is finished. This title's informative but personal tone make it adaptable enough to belong in a classroom curriculum as well as in a personal family library. While it was designed for readers who live farther north, the subject matter is vivid enough to interest readers around the globe.

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