I Too Dream America
by Darlington I. I. Ndubuike
Trafford Publishing

"I lay down on my bamboo bed and thought about school and learning. I fell asleep and dreamed about life and education in America."

America is often referred to as a "melting pot," with its population consisting of a varietal blend of individuals representing a multitude of cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities from around the globe. For many it holds an allure as "The Promised Land," a place overflowing with opportunity and prosperity.

With this in mind, master educator Darlington Ndubuike has written an inspiring book for those seeking a better understanding of cultural similarities and diversities, and those looking to connect with their own heritage. While the primary focus of I Too Dream America emphasizes the African culture, ultimately it serves as a teaching guide for any multicultural classroom situation, where the goal is to help each and every student follow their dreams. Based on a true story, the author proudly draws on his own youthful memories of life in Nigeria. The colorful narrative relates a young Onny's adventures. In vivid detail the author describes an escape from a refugee camp, a visit to a medicine woman, elder storytellers, local festivities and traditions, and Onny's great pride as a scholar. The flavor of this culturally rich continent is also revealed in the author's use of words and verses from the African language.

Ndubuike's purpose is twofold, in that his intention with the second half of the book is to compare and contrast the traditions and heritage of several different countries. Such cross-cultural connections give rise to an appreciation for the variations. Here the author highlights food, clothing, holidays, family values, rites of passage, birth and death rituals, and a host of other practices. He then suggests numerous activities and discussion opportunities to correspond with these cultural topics. With numerous awards and accolades to his credit, Ndubuike is a popular and well-respected individual. As a creative and imaginative teacher and storyteller, this book showcases his ability to captivate an audience. Successfully he proves a conduit to share knowledge of culture and tradition, while helping to guide others along positive paths of achievement.

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