I-Spy and Cansey and the Toy from the Sky
by Alan K. Mason

"I-Spy fumes as she cannot think up a good response. 'So now what are we supposed to play with?'"

In their second adventure, the cats I-Spy and Cansey argue over I-Spy’s boredom. I-Spy batted her toys under the couch and can’t reach them, and their owner won’t buy them any new toys. In response, Cansey sarcastically makes a bet with I-Spy. I-Spy believes that she can cause a new toy to fall from the sky using the power of positive thinking, while Cansey takes the more realistic approach. To I-Spy’s delight and Cansey’s dismay, once I-Spy gets to the backyard and focuses all of her attention, a blue hacky sack falls out of the sky and lands in the yard. Shocked and surprised, Cansey tries to make sense of this development while also trying to get out of the bet he just lost any way he can think of.

Based on the author’s own cats, this is a story designed for young readers that is cute and entertaining before all else. Though it does hint at some lessons about positive thinking and conviction, there isn’t a focus on preaching a message or imparting a lesson—just a fun story about two cats prone to a little mischief. There are plenty of full-page illustrations of the story’s action, and each picture is cartoony and magnetic, putting an emphasis on the comedy and fun of this book. The length of the book makes it perfect for a show-and-tell read-along at story time. Some of the language can be difficult for children to tackle on their own, so it is probably best read with an adult on hand to help. Whether or not you love cats, the two stars of this series of books are so charming that it’s hard not to be drawn into their adventures.

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