"There’s nothing like grandmothers. They know how to take away your troubles. That is a fact."

When Killebrew was two years old, he and his baby brother were, quite literally, kidnapped by their biological father from their mom’s house and driven deep into the Ozarks in their dad’s tiny blue car. They were not heard from again for the next seven years. Although his father was fierce, the author “worshipped the ground he walked on.” His fondest time, however, was spent with his Grandma Audra, who was more like a mama to him. It was she who was instrumental in instilling within him a deep love of God. Everything changed when the author was 16 years old. After taking a bite from his goulash while relaxing on the couch after an exhausting day of hard work, he immediately slouched over and experienced what he describes as a life-altering encounter with God. God told the teenager that once he found faith, he would one day be in Heaven with Him.

Though a battery of hospital tests all concluded nothing was medically wrong with Killebrew, no one could account for the time he was inexplicably “dead.” In his mind and body, “all lights went out,” and the author quite poetically tells of God lifting him up high above the earth in a most peaceful, white, glowing lightness. The author’s recollection and detailing of the supernatural experience which changed his life that day some thirty-five years ago through his “near-death” experience are impressive. He does not shy away from candidly telling his entire story, which includes an often fast and messy past. However, faith, Killebrew tells us, drives away all fear. And that, really, is the hallmark premise of this book. Fans of spiritual memoirs will be pleased to discover this extremely unique telling of a divine experience.

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