I Have a Grandma Who...
by Rosemary Zibart
Azro Press

"I have a grandma who doctors every cut and bruise with love..."

This easy-to-read children's book features pictures of grandmothers of all stripes and ethnicities with their grandchildren, busying themselves with different activities, be it taking care of pets, being a nurse, or opera-singing, to name a few. Valori Herzlich's illustrations are colorful, charming, and designed to catch young readers' eyes, as is the font, which is larger than in most other books. The illustrations seem to be rendered in colored pencil and/or watercolor, and each page states the mantra "I have a grandma who…" and names the activity she's involved in. The author stresses that no matter what type of a grandmother is portrayed, she loves her grandkids very much.

Compared to other children's books on the market that feature grandmothers, this one is more realistic. For example, Grandma Loves You by P.K. Hallinan, is written in rhyme and has interactive flaps, and Just Granma and Me by Mercer Mayer, features animals. However, unlike most other children's books, this one has rounded corners, which makes it even more visually appealing. A parent can read this book aloud to a young child, or it could be used in a classroom setting as well. Both the author and the illustrator are grandmothers, who have created the book to show that, as stated on the back cover, "today’s grandmothers are bold, imaginative, talented women, who do what they love and love sharing what they enjoy with their grandchildren." This is a perfect tool for children ages 2-10, teachers, parents, and of course grandparents.

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