I am Yours and You are Mine: God’s Love
by Rev. Kelvin McKisic

"God’s love does not leave you alone to fight the battle or complete the task; he is with you always."

The author's book reminds readers that God's love is the whole reason for Christianity. God loves humankind so much that he sent Jesus to take the punishment for everyone's sins. But God's love for humanity began millennia before Christ's birth in Bethlehem. In particular, he demonstrated his love and care for the Israelites as they wandered in the wilderness for forty years, seeking the Promised Land. Their journey from slavery in Egypt would have taken them eleven days had they not doubted God and complained against him. Yet even as he punished them, a loving God provided them with bread and meat from Heaven, with water, with clothes that never wore out, and with a cure for snakebite. Through it all, they remained his chosen people, recipients of a love so deep and perfect that an entire chapter of the Bible is devoted to its description. Today, God extends that love to Jews and Gentiles alike.

Whether a reader is new to the faith, a Christian of many years' standing, or simply fascinated by various belief systems, one can readily understand McKisic's description of divine love. This brief devotional outlines twenty-six ways in which God benefits humanity through his love, including providing for people's basic needs, forgiving them when they sin, and maintaining that love perpetually. The author demonstrates how God's love is the perfect love described in 1 Corinthians 13, the Bible's so-called "love chapter." Several Bible verses about God's love appear in each section, and one is repeated at the end of each chapter as its main theme, usually below an uplifting photograph. McKisic writes from sixteen years' experience as a Baptist minister. He addresses a topic many similar writers avoid: God's punishment for sin is part of his love. Seven blank pages for notes conclude the book's material.

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