If Money Could Talk
by M. L. Marcos

"The process of acquiring the knowledge of wealth accumulation is learned in small steps, not in giant leaps."

This guide to financial freedom takes the mystery out of building wealth with its no-nonsense approach and practical insights. Marcos breaks down lessons on success and hones in on business development and entrepreneurship as a means to maximum wealth acquisition. The author first builds a foundation for understanding income sources and influences then launches into the various logistics of business development and management.

At the heart of this book is the message that people must be actively engaged in reaching “economic nirvana” by exploring and engaging with financial opportunities. Marcos believes that everyone has access to wealth if they are willing to participate in the pursuit. He hopes to level the playing field of wealth accumulation with this business guide.

Readable and engaging, this book covers a wide range of topics to motivate readers to take control of their financial futures through business endeavors. Marcos effectively and generously incorporates analogies, examples, and anecdotes to strengthen his message and keep it accessible to all readers interested in improving their financial lives. While business majors and budding entrepreneurs will find much clear-sighted guidance in this book, lay people looking to build fiscal confidence will also find what they need from Marcos. Combining practical topical advice with motivational verve, he covers the basics and beyond.

The chapters that provide counsel on financing a business and that offer helpful financial checklists solidify that the author wants to mentor those interested in actively pursuing personal wealth through their professional choices. In this role as a mentor and guide, Marcos becomes a mouthpiece for money, revealing what money would say If Money Could Talk.

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