I'm Alright Day, and Night!
by Christine Lee Pruitt
Trafford Publishing

"Love is up above like a bird that's a dove. It does not hate. It does not rate."

This book strives to teach young children about the love of God and Jesus by using simple, everyday activities as examples. The children are not ever alone. Whether they are singing in a choir, flying a kite, or going to sleep, the message of this book is that they are loved, both on earth and in heaven. Each activity is beautifully illustrated with rays of light streaming from the sky to the ground. One page is about the delights of snacking and shows cookies floating up to the clouds that have parted to reveal the sun's rays. Some pages have nighttime scenes. Instead of sun's rays, the clouds have separated to allow the reader to see the night sky filled with stars and the moon. The author reinforces this light and airy connection by telling the story in rhyme.

While the concept of this book is a series of childhood events that can be explained by a few lines of verse, the text contains grammar and spelling errors. However, it is Ms. Pruitt's choice of illustrations that gives the reader an immediate sense of the story told on each page. The presence of light provides a consistent theme from the first through the last page. Also consistent in each illustration, are steps leading from the ground up to the sky. As the light beams down, the children know they are loved during the day and night. It is only after they are asleep that the reader sees a picture of Jesus.

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