Imagine Zoo
by Al Magrath
Illustrated by Mike Nesbitt
Trafford Publishing

"Giraffes wear hats with little flaps, and no one knows quite why. They say their ears are sensitive, from being up so high!"

What happens when you allow gorillas, hippos, giraffes, and other zany animals to roam out and about at the zoo? You get an exciting and entertaining place for children of all ages to explore and play, and that place is called ImagineZoo!

This is a highly creative tale about a unique zoo where the animals are free to roam, romp, and play with the energetic children that come to visit each day. Not only are the animals free to roam about, but they are also left in charge of this imaginative zoo, creating a fun environment where children are invited to swing with the gorillas and wiggle with tiger cubs. This unique book is full of music-playing tigers, bears that skip rope, zebras with rainbow, zig-zagged stripes, hippo rides, and many other interesting animal surprises that will inspire children to use their vivid imaginations as they ponder what silliness will come next.

McGrath has done a great job creating an imaginative wonderland for young children to explore with silly animals and a charming storyline written in rhyming verses. The brightly colored illustrations are both playful and professional and are a great compliment to the already entertaining story, making this book one that children and parents can enjoy together. Also included is an activity that allows readers to locate the children of the ImagineZoo crew as they read the story. This search and find activity adds additional entertainment to an already wonderful book.

Great for animal lovers of all ages, ImagineZoo would be a great addition to any home or school library as it promises to spark the reader's imagination as they explore this wild wonderland.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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