Immortality Lost: The Blugees Book 3
by Edward Morse
PageTurner Press and Media

"If our memories were wiped, and then we were put into the exact time we left without having the potential for gaining our talents, we would know nothing to have happened."

Each book in this sci-fi series brings fresh adventures and challenges affecting the athletic friends who call themselves the Blugees. Immortal, and gifted with superpowers, they originally worked to save the planet from an imminent collision with a meteor, then created new worlds that challenge their abilities. In this third adventure, some hostile immortals (who think the Blugees have created too many new worlds and have brought too many new immortals into the system) demand termination of new worlds and want to return those worlds’ immortals, including the Blugees, to their mortal condition. But doing so will remove the Blugees' powers and wipe their memories out, which will upset life in their future. The characters age throughout the series, but are suddenly restored to their middle-school age and original location in this tale.

The story is light on description and dialogue-heavy in the early pages as the group returns to their homeworld. Using dialogue to reveal relevant plot points is alternately a weakness and a strength in this tale. At times, this storytelling convention creates more questions than answers, but it effectively keeps readers turning pages because the characters are engaging, and the story arc is compelling. Readers may wish to read the first two books in order to understand better some of the references in this book. Although the story's pace may seem a bit slow even after the characters move forward to explore their environment because of the detailed narrative about ordinary daily events, these details are useful in understanding the laws of physics in the Blugee universe. Readers of young adult sci-fi and fantasy will appreciate the Blugees’ adventures and their superpowers as they revisit their past and review the motivations that have brought them to this point.

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