"We have learned that can be very complex with a lot of likes and dislikes and a lot of space in between."

The ability of mathematics to transcend language barriers and present uniform truths in a dispassionate manner has proven throughout history to be a benefit to humanity. The thesis of this book is intriguingly straightforward: the daily usage of mathematical theory can improve your life.

As the book unfolds, all the major and inconsequential decisions of a person's life are dissected in the most humorously and mathematical way possible. Where one and one's spouse should go to eat, travel, live, and even who one's future significant other will be are broken down into subcategories with a definitive conclusion presented after using the author's system. The system is a quick tabulation of a subject's relative qualities and their overall importance to the individual. Once a handful of subjects and their relative performance are added, the power of recreational math will reveal a solution.

The author reasons that when we have a tool that enables us to make better decisions, it will equate to more happiness. By having a measurement in which to break down any problem, regardless of its importance, fresh insight is provided for future situations. For some readers, this might seem vaguely similar to using a Magic Eight Ball to determine life's trajectory. But the author masterfully breaks down all the various sections and takes time to catalog a subject's uniform qualities properly. The result is a compelling and colorful way to govern an individual life. Given the nature of this book, it's author's approach, and the subject matter, it can be safely said there is no other book like it.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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