In Memory of the Grumpy Old Man
by B. Michael Moro
Trafford Publishing

"At some point ALL Empires crumble and fall and the common person has their day. It is not the common person that fears having nothing, but rather the wealthy person having to make do with very little. That is and always will be the issue."

A good old fashion gripe session put on paper, this short book lays out the grumpy old man's views on everything he considers wrong with America from political corruption to same sex marriage and dependence on foreign oil. Written as if "the man" is speaking from his front porch or a barber shop chair, the unapologetic opinions are given in concise, short chapters sometimes leaving the reader shaking their head in agreement and sometimes leaving them fuming wishing they could shout a differing opinion onto the pages.

The author certainly runs the gambit of today's hot buttons in America. He does a nice job of expressing his opinion and providing historical facts in some instances but stays away from being preachy which keeps the reader engaged even if they don’t agree. He offers interesting solutions and outlines cause and effect of some issues, while continuing to focus on how it all relates back to our "comfort zone"–something he believes Americans will fight to maintain at any cost. While some of his opinions are mainstream others rub against the grain. Despite this ebb and flow, all are presented respectfully making this book an interesting read regardless of your political views. Most readers have someone in their lives that they can mentally typecast as this grumpy old man at the helm. Because of the first person writing arrangement, the reader can imagine sitting across Sunday dinner from the writer as he engages in his lighthearted yet justified afternoon banter.

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