In Suspension
by John C. Tarpey

"The popular influence of outsiders and economic powers do the most to change our ways. They make us self-conscious and force us to act to protect our truth as we know it."

Traversing the mountains and main streets of rural Ireland, a separate, yet interwoven bunch attack their lives in their own unique ways. Ninja tends bar by day, performs for the town’s inhabitants and the occasional tourist by night, and visits the isolated countryside with meals for the elderly every Sunday. His brother is an extremely successful businessman who is only able to reach that point in his career by putting his work above everything else in his life, which means that his wife has had to live through years of neglect as a result. Their father, who was once a great man, has begun his descent into difficult elder years. And the local wanderer, affectionately known as the Sub, has reached a crossroads after many years of making his way through the small town, hopping from one scam to the next. All in transition, each character pushes through their individual lives at their own pace, and in doing so are more connected than they may ever know.

The author brings life to the mundane seamlessly, giving breath to the still countryside, while quickening the pulse of life in the city. This collection of interrelated narratives challenges readers to examine the connections in their own lives because there may be a time when they have to be relied upon more than anyone can anticipate. This suspension of a person’s life in the web connecting all of the other lives around them is something that everyone must examine and will compel readers to ponder the answer to one simple question: am I living my own life or simply existing in the world around me?

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