In the Orbit of Sirens
by T. A. Bruno

"Denton... knew that this was going to be the end; it lumped up in his throat."

A small group of humans is escaping to a distant planet. Although they are expected, and another group that already lives there is preparing for their arrival, other groups and situations will not be welcoming. Machines have forced the last of the humans from their home in the Sol-System to become refugees on the planet Kamaria. A true threat that awaits humans is a condition called "lung-lock" that quickly kills those exposed. Eliana Veston is one of the scouts on Kamaria who is charged with finding a cure for the lung-lock pandemic in order to provide a safe home for what will otherwise become the last members of the human race. There is hope if Eliana can convince a race of technologically advanced birds to provide her with the final vital element needed to develop a cure.

Time and space travel, a dystopia regarding displaced humans, and a species-threatening plague are some of the components in the author's complex and well-constructed work. The book presents the reader with a cascade of human thoughts and actions. As is often found in science fiction, typically human conflicts and emotions in the story are exhibited by many creatures. For example, a Siren asks Eliana, "Do you truly believe that there will be harmony?" In response to Eliana's, "I do," the Siren responds, "That must feel wonderful." The humans in the book have the capacity to hope and, because of that, the willingness to stay alive. Love and alliances develop as reactions to imminent death, illustrated dramatically via war and illness, push the protagonists Denton Castus and Eliana Veston, as well as their allies, nearly to the edge of existence. Fans of science fiction that shows the challenges of interacting with alien environments and cultures will find much to enjoy in this book.

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