Inalienable Rights Versus Abuse: A Commonsense Approach to Public Policy
by R.Q.Public

"Consider the saying 'Expect the best outcome, but plan for the worst.' Americans don't seem to like to plan far ahead."

The past century of government in the United States has created an environment where even the most universally sought-after benefits of citizenship are being vehemently argued by lawmakers. In this book, the author puts forth a no-nonsense, straightforward set of guidelines designed to help policymakers act in the best interests of the American people and the common good. This nonpartisan approach covers many of today's issues including education, the income gap, gun control, the environment, and more. Each plan laid out in this book stems from the belief that our existing society is a culture of perpetual abuse and that any solution that can work for everybody must not actively work against a group of people based on factors outside of their control such as race, age, or disabilities.

Though each chapter of this book focuses on a specific issue in greater context, it's the foundation put down in the first chapter that is perhaps most important to read. In laying out the author's personal philosophy of what constitutes an inalienable right, all the decisions and opinions explained throughout the rest of the book seem like common sense afterwards. Each chapter includes footnotes filled with citations of books, documentary films, and websites that back up any statistical figures or paraphrased concepts, giving the reader the opportunity to absorb the same information and make their own decision. In a time with so much political turmoil and unrest, it is important for people to be educated about the issues that dominate the daily headlines. This book will give readers an important framework to consider when determining whether any new laws or proposed legislature actually work to serve the masses or not.

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