Infinite Exposure
by Roland Hughes
Logikal Solution

"It's not every morning that you wake up with armed men kicking in your door and rushing into your bedroom, but that's certainly how this morning started. All because he really wanted a new computer. But that want was satisfied over a decade ago. Today, he couldn't even sell that computer on eBay. Today, it was a trip with a bag over his head, wearing handcuffs to an interrogation room."

This is a story written in factions, with several key plots occurring simultaneously. In the Middle East, a man suspected of working with Al-Qaeda is picked up by a secret multinational organization and forced to help them uncover and kidnap members of terrorist cells. Captives are sent to a pair of secret interrogation camps in Germany, which are so swamped with black market profits that they call in a Russian investing firm. The Russian firm works very closely with Americans who harbor information that can destroy a large and powerful US bank. The bank has recently relocated all of its data centers to India in an effort to cut corners, and their data centers employ a man working with Al-Qaeda and plotting a massive covert operation. While all these plots seem only coincidentally linked, the final plot twist makes it clear that they are inextricably connected.

Writing fiction about events so close to our times is often a risky move. Pairing that with Hughes' unique arrangement of plot lines creates a weighty story, but the result is a deeply researched, highly detailed, and technically loaded novel, with a revolving pace that keeps the reader moving and resists getting bogged down in jargon. What an immense undertaking, and quite an achievement to pull off successfully.

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