Inky Pinky
by Philip Harris 
illustrated by Dwight Nacaytuna
Trafford Publishing

"From then until now, children have never had to worry about monsters and ghosts ever again."

For children afraid of the monsters and ghosts nighttime often brings, Inky Pinky is here to save the day. In this tale, young Gloria is afraid of the dark and has trouble falling asleep. Her mother creates a superhero named Inky Pinky and tells her the story of how he made bedtime safe for children all over the world by defeating Gargonoyle. Gargonoyle is the King in the Land of Eternal Doom where he rules all monsters and ghosts. His lowly followers scare and snatch little children at bedtime and bring them to his dark world to work for him. One day, a child named Richard hears Inky Pinky crying for help while he is working for the King. After successfully freeing him from a locked box, Richard and Inky Pinky work together to defeat Gargonoyle by spraying him in the eyes with a magical potion. The potion vaporizes the dark leader, and his ghostly followers, allowing the children to return home safely. Inky Pinky goes home with Richard where his mother creates thousands of Inky Pinky dolls to share with children like Gloria so they know they are always protected.

Harris' writing is extraordinary as he weaves vivid imagery with a highly creative storyline to produce a tale that can be best described as a children's thriller. The vivid imagery and detailed illustrations come together to create a book that is both suspenseful and entertaining. While the story is a bit longer and grimmer than other children's stories, the happy ending can help bring a sense of comfort to children who are struggling with similar sleep issues as Gloria. Overall, Inky Pinky is a great addition to any home library, especially for readers who enjoy a bit of suspense.

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