Inner Butterflies
by Nicolette L. Toth

". . . into a place no one knows how to explain."

Divided into three sections—"The Sour,” “The Savory,” and “The Sweet”—Toth’s book presents worlds of questions, worlds of observations, and worlds of dedication and rejection. Readers first enter “The Sour,” where poems like “guilty for me” present human fragility and irreparable brokenness. Recognizing that pain and suffering can reshape a person and his or her outlook, “The Savory,” with poems like “street sign,” reminds readers that choice and free will not only offer freedom but also other sets of confusion that make existence both worthwhile and frustrating. Finally, in “The Sweet,” readers reach a final, jovial reward. Poems like “clear skies” and “inner butterflies” remind readers of the sweetness of life, despite its turmoil, and that after life’s heavy rains, “rainbows are the sky’s smile,” After all, even the worst day can transform into a better one eventually.

Readers of Sarah Kay and Rudy Francisco will find Toth’s work particularly appealing, and those who appreciate the artistic nature of collections like Rupi Kaur’s The Sun and All Her Flowers will be immediately attracted to this book. Those who are just entering the poetry scene as readers or as writers will appreciate Toth’s work for its accessibility as well as its invitational nature, conversational tone, first-person reflection, and conciseness. This work is particularly recommended for young adults just entering the world of poetry or who are interested in pursuing poetry writing seriously or as a pastime. Toth’s work blends angst, romance, confusion, and clarity in brief shots of verse that propel readers into the emotions we sometimes refuse to access or have difficulty accessing.

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