"The Main Generator of inside the Giant Electric Machine, has a rotor that turns at eighteen hundred rpm inside its stator housing. The weight of the rotor is one hundred and ninety eight thousand pounds."

An unabashedly technical description about the powering down of the one hundred and ninety eight ton main generator inside a giant electric machine in order to perform inspection and maintenance. Told in a rapid fire monologue that holds no bars in detailed machine talk about the structure and workings of a modern electrical generator, the highly organized and meticulous step by step process is shown. The synchronized shutdown of both Unit One’s generator and steam pressure inside the giant machine is performed, the casings of the generator removed, and the lube valves that keep the bearings supporting one hundred percent of the generator’s weight are inspected. It is determined that a flow valve needs cleaning.

This is volume three in a series and the author jumps into the story with no preparatory introduction to the workings or jargon used to describe a modern electrical generator. He rather likes to use densely packed descriptions in all capital letters, only stopping intermittently for short snippets of dialogue between characters with nicknames like “Yummy,” “Square Head,” and “Cupcake.” But attentive reading allows for gradual comprehension and while the only conflict in the story is the possibility of mistakes or accidents, there is palpable sense of excitement. One shortcoming is a number of misspelled words that can make a neophyte’s attempts at decoding the techno-speak even harder. But this is an interestingly meticulous description of the inner workings of the electrical grid. It is a unique piece of literature.

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