Inspire Good
by Bill Weger
Trafford Publishing

"...crafting messages that not only cut through the clutter, but also connect on a more personal level work best. Nonprofit audiences are really stakeholders who want a chance to think, respond, and be part of the conversation."

Textbook marketing strategies are both explored and explained with an adequate mix of statistical data and examples in this book tailored for non-profit marketers. The author, obviously a seasoned professional in this subject matter, writes clean and easy to understand text that can be adopted by both new and established non-profit organizations as they seek to garner greater public attention, change perceptions, increase donations and the like. While the book is aimed at non-profits, it is also very applicable to public sector companies and corporations of all sizes as it explores the basics of marketing including Public Relations, Branding, Emerging Medias and even Crisis Communications.

The text is written to be easily digestible by novice marketers or perhaps those who suddenly find themselves with marketing responsibilities. It gives good examples of successful campaigns that highlight the subject of the chapter, making it easily relatable to readers. It contains general information on many facets of the Marketing and Public Relations practices including history and evolvement into Web 2.0. It explores best practices for such things as engaging in multicultural communications and launching social media marketing campaigns. The chapters are kept short and the book contains a heavy index for easy reference along with a notes section which not only serves as a bibliography but also gives additional validity to the text. This is a manual of sorts for those wishing to further their marketing efforts and could certainly find a home on the shelves of non-profit marketing associations across the nation.

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