by Gary Cephas

"She had come this far and would have to do battle with whatever else was in her path. There was no other choice."

A husband and wife barely hold their marriage together, but neither is willing to end it. A man is haunted by thoughts of inadequacy and a father he could never impress. A preacher is seduced by the trappings of fame, attention, and avarice. An organized crime enforcer fresh out of prison is trying to play by a new set of rules. These are just some of the individuals whose stories are told and cross with one another in this tale of morality and consequence. The only things that can offer salvation to these troubled and wayward souls are the ability to make better decisions and the intervention of a higher power if they are open to receiving it. Otherwise, every interaction has the destructive potential to end in a violent collision.

Aptly titled, the threads of this story start out individualized, and as they ramp up in intensity and start to intertwine, the reader will be compelled to see the finished product. With strong elements of spirituality flavoring many of its characters, it is easy to see why this work is classified as Christian fiction. But it is a decidedly human story as well, shining a light on baser behaviors, moments of weakness, and those who walk astray on the path of life. With such a diverse cast of characters and events spanning half a century, there’s so much potential for actions and their eventual consequences to be highlighted that every detail remains in the forefront of the reader’s mind as a potential catalyst for the story’s development. Full of action, drama, suspense, and humanity, this is a book that hooks the reader early and never lets go.

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