Interstitial Beings: The Doppleganger Connection
by James A. Gauthier, J.D.
Trafford Publishing

"Three months passed without any communication from Jari or Deri. I wondered, are they gone?"

When siblings Matt and Keri Miller start experiencing some strange occurrences in their rooms at night, such as being tickled and touched by unseen hands, they set about investigating. At length, they discover the presence of two beings called Tolasians, who reside in the interstitial spaces in the houses of humans. The Tolasians are in danger from other beings called the Trappers, who want to destroy them. Over time, Matt and Keri become friends with the two aliens, siblings Jari and Deri. Matt and Keri eventually start dating Jari and Deri who take on human forms, and later the two couples marry and have a brood of children. Jari, who is a Tolasian royalty, seeks to establish peace between the Tolasians and the Trappers, while her alien children are doing their best to adapt to a human world in which they now live.

This book has a good premise, and the alien/otherworldly theme can be enjoyed by audiences, both young and old. The book has a strong beginning with a plenty of action, even though it somewhat slows down as the plot progresses. The Tolasians are imaginatively written, and they have interesting abilities, such as being able to change to a gas form a or a liquid. The narrative can use a little more showing rather than telling, and the characters lack emotional depth, making it difficult to distinguish between them. This would be a good read for fantasy or SF fans.

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