Investing in Indonesia
by Rosye Buray Salz

"New foreign investors and even experienced Indonesian businessmen may not know where to start to find some of the information needed for their endeavors."

Indonesia’s economy is growing rapidly, a situation that offers tantalizing opportunities for astute investors. However, doing business in the country can be surprisingly complex. In recognition of this and out of a desire to attract investors to the land of her birth, Salz has put together an impressive guide that seeks to demystify the process.

Salz begins by providing a helpful overview of the archipelagic nation that includes a breakdown of its natural and agricultural resources, demographics, and key industries before tackling its political system.

She also delves into the culture and the philosophical underpinnings of Indonesian thought, including how the general populace views radical Islam since knowing the mindset of the people one is doing business with is vital. She then explores a wide range of practical topics such as foreign-investment regulations and procedures, Indonesian investment law, and the country’s taxation system. Possibly the most interesting section for the would-be investor deals specifically with potential investment opportunities. For example, according to the book, Indonesia is currently interested in construction projects such as ones for power plants, toll roads, airports, and other major works. In addition, the country would potentially welcome the manufacturing of items such as auto parts, computer hardware, and pharmaceutical products. Of course, even if one can successfully navigate the laws and regulations, there are still some significant challenges facing the developing nation; the author is careful to examine these toward the end of the book.

Salz spent hundreds of hours researching her subject, including personally translating many documents never before seen in English in order to write her book. Her careful attention to details and insider information makes this a valuable book for potential investors.

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