"One of the public’s mistaken beliefs about Wall Street is that the 1929 stock market crash caused the Great Depression."

The investment community and the opportunity to take a wise decision and profit greatly from it are embedded in the DNA of the American identity. But navigating a complex and diverse market is daunting for many and potentially disastrous for the fearless. Using over two centuries’ worth of market data and its ties to historical events, the author presents his specialization in historical market analysis with hard data and in a way that makes clear sense.

Examining the different markets, the different kinds of investments that can be made, and global events like disasters, elections, and wars that shape value and investor behavior, this book shows readers that certain occurrences have a measurable and repeatable influence on things like home value and stock prices. While any investment made carries some degree of inherent risk, it can prove both interesting and useful to understand some of the factors that dictate the market.

Complete with historical illustrations and rare financial documents as well as charts and graphs that demonstrate the author’s point, the information in this book illuminates some of the forces and trends that exert themselves on both bull and bear markets. The read, however, is engaging through the extensive use of illustrations as well as the author’s clear love and interest in the subject. Potentially dense ideas or complex formulas come across casually and cleanly. Each chapter of the book is organized to focus on a group of subheadings. For example, “Time-Tested Investments” breaks down stocks, bonds, commodities, collectibles and more so that readers who want to supplement their existing investment strategies can narrow their focus to the relevant information. While it fits its genre well, this book sets itself apart by being an interesting read and one that examines history with the same scrutiny as it does economic trends.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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