Investment Success: A Practical Guide To Managing Investments
by Zachariah Dauke Suleiman
Author Reputation Press LLC

"The first thing that will contribute to reaching your goal is that you simply want to reach it badly. You must learn how to desire with sufficient intensity to be successful."

This introductory text on how to invest toward financial independence is the effort of a self-taught, self-made, successful businessman whose goal is to share his ideas and ideals with those who strive for similar financial gain. Suleiman’s views comprise a healthy dose of common-sense tips and suggestions presented in an uncommonly down-to-earth way. The slender, straightforward volume is ably supported by the author’s prodigious research into many notable books on financial success, quotes from several famous business personalities, and his forthright devotion to piousness. The book helps readers identify financial goals, decide on the best plans of action, and build the motivation needed to reach the objectives. Acknowledging that a degree of failure is always possible when one engages in financial investing, Suleiman nonetheless presses forward with confidence, and in the process, may encourage any potential investor to take a leap of faith.

Liberally sprinkled with unassailable business adages—both the author’s and from notable experts—this volume has two things that not every book on achieving and managing wealth can claim: complete honesty and unembellished simplicity. “Failure is not the ability to achieve results, but the inability to try again,” he writes. There are no extraordinary secrets or never-before-told tales of monetary mystery here, just unrestrained support. If the book strays off the common path at all, it’s only when the author devotes a few lines to references that may be unfamiliar to all audiences. Worth noting is that Suleiman was born, raised, and educated in Nigeria where his career is centered. But a thorough read highlights no differences at all in what elements can lead to financial success, whether in his home country or anywhere else in the world.

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