Iris Out of Sight
by Deepali Dave

"Her world was engulfed in darkness and wet cold that wrapped itself around her like a straight jacket. It was over, she had no control."

One definition of fantasy is "imagination unrestricted by reality." This describes Deepali Dave's debut novel, Iris Out of Sight. In the first chapter, eighteen-year-old, Iris Vilar, runs from the tragedy of a deadly fire in her family home. As the only survivor, she makes a decision that changes her life. Iris' new life on the streets includes water demons, fairies and a tiny, furry creature she names Bandit.

She and Bandit steal necessities until a young man, Neil, takes pity on her, leaving food outside the restaurant where he works. The story turns dark one rainy night when Iris is enticed by a water demon to come with her. Shadow beings threaten Iris, and she struggles with the fear that she is spiraling down into insanity. Iris leaves the area, connecting with other young people, who provide her with a job and place to stay. Other illusions appear to Iris, such as a tall man named Oberson and the fairies surrounding him. They urge Iris to return home. When she finally does, however, she must face a horrific truth. Neil, the young man that she left behind, tries to help her. Iris' struggles with her past and present culminate in an unexpected ending.

There are a few problems with sentence structure and punctuation in Iris Out of Sight. However, there are many poetic phrases, and a story that flows smoothly from beginning to end. There will undoubtedly be more books written by this imaginative, young writer.

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