It's My Choice
by SM Chung
Trafford Publishing

"I believe free will gives us a choice to enable healing of mind, body, and spirit. With it we can choose our path, crooked or straight. Choice... made with a thought which, when believed, becomes a thing."

"Talk Story," a Hawaiian phrase that promotes sharing one's life stories, is alive and well within the covers of this book. The belief that, "We all have choices which define and guide us through our lives," sets the stage for an intimate, honest journey of life stories told during the author's time in Hawaii.

After a significant loss, Chung realizes she has been living life as a victim. "What did I do to deserve this?" Soon she chooses to rely on personal choice based on self-love, faith in self and God, and a belief that she can move to a place of being a victor through being responsible and self-reliant. Narratives of parenting, working, and managing her health offer wise examples of lessons learned, such as—accepting self and others reduces stress; imposing our personal values on others doesn't make for successful living, rather, working to make ourselves better makes for better living; thinking the best of others and helping when we are able, allows us to reach oneness with the Almighty. Other lessons that strike familiar cords are woven into a lengthy and stressful workplace challenge she endured: We can control only ourselves, not others, and it doesn't pay to take advantage or intimidate another because what goes around comes around.

While the author's accounts relate to her life, they inspire others to examine their own philosophies. Many people have a lack of self-worth combined with a fear of losing their self-images and identity. Staying in the same safe place can aid to feeling victimized, misunderstood, and controlled by others. By learning to love themselves and take personal responsibility for thoughts and beliefs, success and fulfillment may follow. Positive, practical messages flow throughout the entire book, offering inspiration and hope to those who have the courage and faith to take risks and to continue to evolve.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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