Ivory's Present
by Jillian M. Capodiferro & Suzanne C. Geddes
Trafford Publishing

"I want you all to go out in the deep dark dangerous waters. You must help others. Do what you can to show them you care."

What would you do if helping someone meant having to lose that which is most precious? Revolving around Ivory, a noble oyster, this innovative children's story emphasizes the need to "be caring, and gracious and giving," to those in need. Ivory, along with her best friend Grace, reside in the crystal clear waters, far from the dangers of the deep, dark waters.

As their pearls develop in their shell, the king of oysters ordered everyone to travel to the dark waters and help others who were not so fortunate. During their foray into the murky, threatening waters, Ivory comes across a lonely and depressed catfish named Slog. Seeing him, something within Ivory tells her to give Slog her pearl. Will Ivory be able to give up her most valuable possession to a complete stranger? What will the other oysters think of her? Will she be happy? Will she care what others think of her?

Though clich├ęd, statements such as "ask your heart" and "be caring" are excellent staples of morality that must be instilled in children from an early age. Through the actions of Ivory, authors strive to drill home the idea that no good deed goes unseen. Overall, Ivory's Present is a heartwarming children's book that belongs in every home, school, and library. The ethical dynamic between the calm, crystal-clear waters that represent perfection and the dark, dangerous waters that represent reality, as well as the dazzling illustrations provide an entertainment factor that impels the audience to keep turning the page.

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