Jesus Christ. His Life, His Teaching and His Significance.
by Bô Yin Râ
Posthumus Projects Amsterdam

"Free your soul from every image of mortal forms if you would receive the Light through him!"

A posthumous compilation of the writer’s work is presented in this comprehensive study of the life of Jesus Christ. The author recounts Jesus’ life according to various writers’ stories. According to the text, during the time Jesus worked with his father as a carpenter, he encountered one of the luminaries of the first light, and his spiritual knowledge grew. After many years of spiritual schooling, he was now mature enough; the “last scales fell from his eyes,” and he could now see himself in his exalted mission. He saw himself as “Way, Truth, and Life” and spread the word to others. He healed the sick, taught spiritual words, and encountered hatred and opposition wherever he went. He briefly believed the power bestowed on him could support his mission, and people accused him of “blaspheme against the temple.” Roman soldiers and Jewish temple servants crucified him, which is the story many people remember about Jesus Christ.

The author’s approach to his subject might inspire readers to want to get nearer to the truth by embarking on an inner spiritual journey, reading further about Jesus, or through seeking self-transformation. The book includes many points that are sure to provoke discussion such as the idea that the power of love and forgiveness alone was able to bring about the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection. Readers may even be compelled to explore further details on the life of Jesus from the resources referenced throughout the book. The author’s book ends on a beautiful note by stating that “the one who died on Golgotha was the most perfect vessel of this love ever to offer itself on earth; a love which is unending.”

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